Protection Mojo
Add some or ideally all of the following ingredients to a red mojo bag and carry it with you for protection.

A pinch of sulfur
A pinch of Kohl powder
A pinch of henna or iron oxide powder
A pinch of graveyard dirt
A pinch of tobacco

Place items in a small red cloth and tie it shut. Carry it on you for protection

Foot Track Spell
This is a spell to rid you of someone who lives in your house or visits just a little too often.

What you'll need:
Hot foot powder
The person's foot track

After this person leaves your house, watch where they step.  
This footprint of foot track they leave behind is what you need.  
Find a clear and distinct track they leave behind.  Sprinkle this track with the hot foot powder. This will keep them away from you and your home. 
As the spell begins to wan, just do the same thing once more. Eventually they’ll get the point and stay away.

To make the spell stronger take a bit of their foot track dirt and place it in a jar.
On a waning moon take this jar and sprinkle their foot track dirt at a four way crossroads, or a fast moving body of water.  You can even sprinkle it on a train track.

Brown Bag Binding Spell

This spell is to make someone leave you alone whether it be a nosy neighbor, a bothersome coworker or ex-lover. This person will trouble you no more.

You will need:
1 black or dark brown bottle such as a beer bottle w/o label
A strip from a brown paper bag
Extra Small brown paper bag
A cup of very strong black coffee (not decaf), save the grounds
1 white 7 day candle
Your favorite incense

Write the person’s name you want to leave you alone on the strip of brown paper bag. Pour the cup of strong black coffee into the black bottle and place the bottle on the paper bag strip. Light the candle and the incense, place on either side of  bottle. Leave in a place where it will not be disturbed such as your altar. Let candle burn completely out. This person will bother you no more. After the candle has burned out take the piece of paper with the person’s name on it and place inside a different brown paper bag with the coffee grounds covering it. Fold the bag up small as you can get it and bury it off your property where it will not be dug up. If it is winter time or for some reason you can bury this bag, then place in the back of your freezer where it will not be disturbed.

There are many variations to this spell, but this one seems to work the best for me.