Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Natural Dyes for Ostara (Easter) Eggs

Ostara is fast approaching and you can feel spring in the air. Well here in Tennessee you can feel spring coming especially with the temperature forecast to be in the mid 70’s toward the end of the week. This year my family and I are going to have an egg dying party. I haven’t dyed eggs with my sisters since we were little kids and I look forward to resurrecting that tradition this year for the first time in over 20 years at my parents house along with our own children. This time will be a little different though. Instead of using commercially bought food colorings for the eggs many of which have petroleum in them, we will be endeavoring to make our own natural food coloring using various natural plant and vegetable extracts.
There’s several ingredients in your kitchen that you can choose from. Here’s a small list of suggestions to get you started.
•    Beet juice will give you a lovely shade of magenta. You can juice a raw beet or drain the liquid from a can  of beets.
•   Turmeric gives a golden yellow color to your eggs.
•   Chlorophyll drops (which can be purchased at any health food store) will turn the eggs a deep shade of forest green. You can also juice any green leafy vegetable and achieve a similar result. Experiment to get the shade of green you want.
•   Carrot juice will give a pale peach color
•   Coffee will produce a soft brown color
•   Blueberry juice will give a violet color
Adding vinegar to these colors and bringing the mixture to a boil will help the colors adhere to the eggs better. The longer the eggs sit in the color mixture the bolder the color will be. Remember, that these colors will not be a vivid as those of the store bought food colorings, but hey Ostara is all about the pastels anyway.  Happy Coloring!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Figure Candles

Candles have always played a part in humankind’s celebrations, rites and rituals. Once Prometheus stole fire from the gods/goddesses and presented it to us, we have honored that gift in one way or another. Whether it be that of a birthday party, a wedding, church service, prayer vigils or even a romantic dinner for two, candles have always held a special place in marking and observing the milestones of our lives. When we do this we honor Prometheus and let a little magick into our lives.

I believe you can never have too many candles and what type of candles you use helps to give your magick that special boost. There are several types of candles that we use in our rites and rituals such as pillar candles, jar candles, figure candles, tapers, chimes, etc. So what does it all mean? Here is a simple guide for you.

Figure candles. These are candles that have been carved or shaped into the figure and likeness of a person, deity or symbol. They come in various colors. Each color also has its own meaning. The color of the candle combined with the shape of the candle will greatly enhance your ceremony, ritual, spell, etc.

Keep in mind the most common colors and you’ll know how to use each candle.

  • Red usually deals with romance, sex magick, and passion.
  •  Green is luck, money and finances.
  •  White is for purifying and blessings. I use this color to substitute for any color I’m lacking also.
  •  Black is banishing, protection and reversal of bad fortune
  •  Blue is for peace, tranquility and calming a situation.
  •  Orange is for attracting energy your way.
  • Yellow is for communication.
  •  Purple is for connecting with the divine
  •  Lavender is for divination.

 Those are just a few of the colors, but combined with the correct candle you’re on your way to making some powerful magick.

Skull candles. These candles can be used in ancestral magick, to call upon the power of those who have transitioned on to the next phase of existence. This candle also carries the vibration of commanding, compelling and persuasion. It is oftentimes used to bend someone or situation your way.

Cross candles. Although older than Christianity, those with a Christian or catholic background find these candles easy to work with. I have found that these candles are good for working with and calling on the angels. It’s the candle of sustainability. They will keep a situation flowing. Use green for continuous money flow, red for continuous love, blue for peace, etc.

Cat candles. Call on the energies of the Egyptian Goddess Bast with this candle. Use the black candle to return negativity and hexes back on the one who sent them. Use the green cat candle to bring good luck and money. The red bast candle is for sex and romance. Ask Bast to help with all these things when burning this candle.

Coiled Snake candle. Although commonly used to break things apart and cause destruction, this candle can also be used to call upon the kundalini energy to rise. On the flip side this is an excellent candle to use to break apart relationships.

Devil candle. I don’t necessarily believe in the existence of the devil so to me this is a representation of Pan. I use this candle for banishing (black) and to bring about a situation quickly such as fast money (green), fast love (red), etc. Also a good candle for breaking hexes, removing jinxes, and aiding in exorcisms.

Seven Knob candle. Choose the color candle of the candle according to your purpose and burn one section or knob a day for seven days.

Witch candle. Burn a candle to bestow a witch’s blessings on your spell or ritual.

Naked Male or Female candle. This candle represents a person, either you or the target of your spell. Red will bring back a lover, green will bring back the person that owes you money. You can also use petition papers under these candles to better clarify your intent.

Couples candle. This is a candle of a man and a woman standing side by side. Looks like a cake topper. Perfect candle for use in marriage spells and binding two people together spells.

Entwined Couple candle. This is a figure candle of a couple locked in an intimate embrace. This is best for sex magick and to spice up your love life. I also use this one for binding couples.

Divorce candle. This candle is of a couple with their backs turned to each other. It is really self explanatory. Use this candle to break up a couple or to aid in an unbinding spell.