Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Litha / Midsummer Activities

Once again we are upon midsummer also called Litha in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is the time during the solar year when the sun is exactly 0 degrees in the astrological sign of Cancer.  This year it will be on June 21st at exactly 12:04 am CST making it the longest day of the year.
There are many traditions and customs that go along with this day in honor of the Sun reaching its peak.  It’s tradition here in my family to wake up early in the morning on the 21st and have a breakfast picnic to watch the sun rise.  After breakfast we set out honey and milk for the Fae on the outside altar.  Another tradition we hold to here is to make a tiny wicker men to burn in our bonfire when night approaches as we watch the sun set.  These wicker men are made of twigs and stuffed with tiny slips of paper with our petitions for the remaining year. 
It’s also a great time during your ritual to do fire divination with a candle or in your cauldron and to renew your dream pillows.
Since a witch can never have too many candles then it’s also a good time to make candles with all the scents of summer such as honeysuckle, melon, rose, lavender, lemongrass,  etc.

Litha Activities:

Jump a bonfire
Burn white and yellow candles with your petitions  inscribed on them
Craft a wicker man to burn in your bonefire
Make suncatchers
Watch the sunset
Have a barbeque (it’s nothing but a modern bonfire anyway J)
Craft protection amulets and hang over windows and doors
Craft flower wreaths
Make dream pillows or Faery dream pillows
Scry with fire
Make anointing oil to see the Fae (sprigs of thyme soaked in olive oil)
Smudge the house of old energy (do this on every Sabbat)
Build Faery houses and furniture
Hang St. Johns wort in the house for protection
Leave out milk and honey for the Fae

Whatever your tradition have fun and have a blessed Litha.

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