Friday, January 28, 2011

Fertility Spells for Imbolc

This is a good time of the year to craft and conjure fertility spells. Gaia is about to give birth to spring which makes this a perfect time to harness that energy and use it for our own purposes.
There are several things you can do for your fertility workings, starting with the bed itself. Your bed is a sacred space. In many ways it acts as an altar whereupon you perform your sex magick. Treat this space as you would any other altar and keep it free of negative energy. Smudge this area regulary.
One of the simple things you can do when it comes to the bed is to hang I-Ching coins strung on a red silk cord around your bed or tied to your bed post. You can also use cowrie shells strung on a red silk cord if I-Ching coins are not available to you or if you feel a greater affinity to the shells over the coins. They both work well. It’s just what “feels” right to you.
You can also dab the post of the bed or the head and foot board of the bed with Astarte oil. Also use this oil to dress and anoint candles and charms that will be place near the bed.
Figure candles work well for fertility spells. You can use a single figure candle that represents you or you can use a male/female joined figure candle.
Take the figure candle and anoint the genital and abdomen area of the candle with Astarte oil. Carve your name and your desire into the candle and roll the candle in a mixture of ground up mugwort and high john. Light the candle right before you make love.
Another fertility idea that can be tried is a fertility mojo bag. It’s a conjure bag filled with various herbs, roots, stones, and charms. I craft these bags myself and offer them at my webstore Terra Traders . For best results take the mojo and wear it around your waist or hang it in between your breasts. Hang it over the bed or under the mattress when you make love.
So try any or all of these spells/charms to see what works for you. The important thing is to be positive and stay focused on your goal and above all enjoy it.


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