Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning, but Why?

Okay, once again it's that time of the year.  I am proud to say that I have just now officially finished all of my spring cleaning.  After a couple of weeks of chasing out dust bunnies, cleaning windows, washing down cabinets, cleaning out the junk drawer and a whole slew of other things, I am done.  So why did I do all of this I wondered as I sat down on the couch and admired my handiwork?  Why do we “spring clean”? What is it about the time surrounding the Spring Equinox that makes us want to clean our houses from top to bottom?

We are compelled to clean our living spaces during the Spring for the same reason that a soon to be mother will “nest” and prepare for the arrival of her newborn baby.  She decorates the nursery, buys clothes, diapers etc. all in anticipation of  a new life being born.

The Earth, also known as "Mother" Nature or Gaia is a living breathing entity and she does the same thing.  As a part of Gaia we "nest" when she does.  She becomes pregnant in Midsummer and gives birth every Spring Equinox. She gives birth to the flowers, trees, grass etc. It all is born anew each Spring. As a part of her, we children of Earth prepare and “nest” each year at the Spring Equinox in anticipation of her giving birth to nature once again.  We want everything to be just right for this new arrival called Spring.

So we are called or compelled to prepare for Spring by the natural turning of the Wheel of  the Year.  "That's kinda cool, huh?" my daughter said, when I explained this to her.  I say, I'd have to agree with her.

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